Our approach at RIOT is evidence based. What this means is that we look at measurable elements of your project whether they’re numbers, reactions, data, or something else. Our research forms the basis of our work with you, and considers various elements to ensure the success of your project. 


Design takes time, but its an investment. Our approach looks at all elements of design application for your project. Good design helps ensure your project launches successfully, as well as its longterm viability. Through research, testing and validation we’re committed to a design process that yields results.


Planning for design, application and use are very complex processes that lead to better outcomes for all involved. We’ll assist in the planning process from start to finish, as well as providing ongoing strategic support.


We’re not done until the project is done. Our goal is to push projects through the entire process, including execution. We’re big fans of ribbon cutting ceremonies, and we’ll also work with you to develop succession planning for management and maintenance.